Relentless Legacy has put this policy in place to protect our members against the other policies applied by alliances within KoC.

Should another alliance carry forward a stricter policy than us, we will mirror the stricter policy.

Alliances are welcome to mirror RL policy, should their policy allow, providing this is done accurately and respectfully.

Low Hits

Relentless Legacy considers a low hit as any hit which steals less than 5 minutes of turn based gold. The exceptions to this rule are our Main account (currently RelentlessLegacy) and trickle account (currently IceCold-RL), where a low hit will be considered as any hit which steals under 20 minutes of turn based gold.

Low hits will be punished with 3 turns of sabs, either by the RL member who is low hit, or another member of RL on their behalf.

Missed hits will not be considered as low hits - KoC now has time stamps, so logs can be checked.

If your DA is Negligible you can not expect to hold much gold.

RL recognises that KoC random %s do sometimes occur, messages of kindness may result in forgiveness :)

Defended Hits

Defended hits on Relentless Legacy members will be sabbed for 3 turns.

The only exception to this is if the DA of the defender is less than 85% of the SA of the attacker - in this case, we recognise that KOC random amounts is to be blamed!

Unprovoked Sabotage

Any unprovoked sabotage on any member of Relentless Legacy will result in 24hour approval*

Retaliations during this period will result in an extension of the approval.

*Chaining (Unprovoked sabbing of multiple RL accounts) will result in age approval.


Relentless Legacy will not tolerate raids against our members

Single raids will result in 3 sab turns, however massing will result in a 24hour approval*

*Chaining (massing of multiple RL accounts) will result in age approval.

- In the event of an accidental raid via misclick, the offender should send a message of apology. It will then be up to each RL member on what action to take.


Relentless Legacy will not tolerate recruit PMs to members of our alliance

Each case will be dealt with on an individual basis and could result in approval - don't steal Daz's bitches!!!